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We believe the desire to serve is an overflow of a Christ filled heart.  It is possible to serve others; find purpose and satisfaction in serving, AND NOT LOVE GOD.  However, you CANNOT love God and NOT serve.  Because God is love (1Jn4:7-8).  And God’s love is witnessed in the laying down of your life to make the lives of others, better (1Jn3:16 / Phil2:3-11).  You are most like Jesus when you make a sacrifice to serve others!
At Journey Christian, generosity is not something we want from you, it is something we want for you. If you believe in our mission and vision, then please consider partnering with us by being generous with your time, talents, and finances. 

Spiritual Gifts

We believe every follower of Jesus, upon their conversion to Christ, received unique gifts and talents from God, that are to be used specifically for His Kingdom advancement (Romans 12:3-8; 1 Corinthians 12&14; Ephesians 4:11-16). Like any of your other talents, spiritual gifts are strengthened and developed with use over time.  If you are not sure what your spiritual gifts are and how you might serve God, there are a variety of websites and books to help you realize what your spiritual gifts are. We recommend the assessment found at:


Hospitality & Guest Experience:
Greeters  – open doors, hand out programs, welcome guests to weekend services
Starting Point – stand at starting point booth on Sunday mornings,  connect with guests
Fellowship  – as part of a team help provide food at special events and for families in difficult times
Clean Church Building – volunteer to help clean a section of the building for a week or more throughout the month
Kids & Student Ministries:
Journey Kids – team teach in one of the classes preschool thru 5th grade during the 9am worship service
Disciple-town – teach or help teach children during the 10:30am worship service
Kid Check – set up and operate a computer to check kids in for classes/nursery on Sunday morning
Nursery  help provide childcare during weekend services & special occasions.
Weekend Worship Experience:
Worship Team – musicians and vocalists for worship and special services.
Sound Booth & Computer – to operate sound controls and/or projection equipment
Communion & Offering Servers – be on a rotation to help hand out trays during the weekend services
Communion Prep – prepare communion trays before services and clean up afterwards
Photography – capture church wide events and for presentation purposes
At Journey, we provide platforms for people to exercise their love for God, by helping make a difference for others.
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